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A new vision for Ireland

A political service that puts common sense thinking at its core, offering innovative policies and real solutions. Helping all people on this great island by working together on what we already agree on, which includes a better quality of life for all, while maintaining a balance and respect for each other’s values, inalienable rights and freedoms.

We are here to raise community awareness and build consensus among people of the left, centre, and right on individual freedoms, civil liberties, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, and limited government, free from far-left and far-right divisiveness.

We advocate for policies prioritising Irish people, sovereignty, personal autonomy, and free-market principles by upholding our constitutionally recognised natural rights, including freedom of speech and movement. All within the framework of a truly republican government, as enshrined in the groundbreaking proclamation read out at the beginning of the Easter Rising 1916.


We will control our borders by limiting legal immigration, deporting illegals and enforcing existing laws to protect men, women, and children. While also stopping political and business elites from exploiting economic migrants for massive state payouts at significant cost to the Irish people.


Prioritising Irish lives and housing of the Irish, we will take the fight against the cartel of greed with its reckless open borders and market manipulation, the primary causes of the housing emergency. We will strive to deliver innovative home-building solutions.

True Green

Green solutions for positive change without economic suicide or penalties that challenge the pseudoscience carbon scam put forward by the loopy Greens sacrificing the Irish people on the altar of climate change.

Cost of Living

Between carbon, stealth, and fuel taxes, the government is the primary driver behind the rising cost of living. Add rising grocery, mortgage, and rent costs to the mix – the situation is out of control. These issues must be challenged urgently.


Defend ourselves from greedy globalist elites attempting to put us all under UN EU WEF fascist control through elected traitors, unelected bureaucrats and their NGO agents.


Our health system is well funded; the problem is mismanagement. The HSE has too many managers and not enough frontline doctors and nurses. We must restructure our health service from the ground up with patient care at its heart – not bureaucracy.

Leader Ben Gilroy

April 6th 2024 launch speech at CityNorth Hotel

Initial Policies

More to follow.

The following initial policies are listed alphabetically, and we will continue to adjust, add and update them over the coming weeks and months.

As the people have already decided on this via referendum, our position as a political service is to respect the people’s decision. We leave it up to our members to retain their personal views on the matter and decide what or any legislative oversight is required.

It is every child’s human right to develop and experience puberty with no unnatural interference. Giving children puberty blockers is a kin to genital mutilation.

Abolish all carbon taxes. Demand state-owned Electric/Gas suppliers to reduce profits. Cut taxes on petrol/diesel, and regulate pump prices. Tighter price regulations on essential groceries to make food affordable.

We aim to abolish the deceptive and unconstitutional citizen’s assembly and rightfully restore the direct democracy process to ensure the people’s will is achieved and maintained.

Remain as a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), but stop and reverse the merging of Ireland into the EU superstate. Irish sovereignty trumps EU.

Protect our food supply by protecting our farming and fishing communities. Irish produce is some of the best in the world, and Irish food producers don’t need unnecessary red tape from the EU centralised bureaucracy.

As a fundamental integral part of democracy, everyone has a natural right to speak their minds and voice opinions without censorship or penalty. We say no to thought crimes, compelled speech, and hate speech laws.

There are only two sexes: male/man (XY) and female/woman (XX).

Demand better oversight of service funding to achieve better value for money. Tackle the cost-of-living crisis to prevent Doctors and Nurses from being forced to emigrate. Decentralise the HSE by dismantling the top-heavy management and switching focus to a patient-centred ground-up restructuring.

Build more council and affordable housing. Stop the property cartel from manipulating the housing market. Secure an urgent solution to house the 13,800+ homeless. Order the central bank to recognise rent payments to qualify for a mortgage. Implement smarter rent caps to stop Landlord greed from hiking already extortionate rents. Treat all housing rental properties as a business and cut taxation on Landlords down to the 12.5% corporate rate under certain T&Cs to dramatically lower rents. A 10-year ban on foreign nationals/corporations buying residential property in Ireland. Kick out cuckoo and vulture funds.

Limit legal immigration to relieve pressure on public services and the housing emergency. Deny entry and deport all undocumented persons. Legislate that all foreign nationals must always keep their ID/VISA on them. Order Garda Immigration Units to carry out regular ID/VISA checks on foreign nationals. Deport criminals and all illegals within 24 hours of a court order.

Enforce zero tolerance for anti-social behaviour. Increase stop and search to tackle rising knife crime. Better educate Gardai on upholding and abiding by the Irish Constitution. Deport all foreign nationals convicted of serious crimes. Return to the original ethos of An Garda Síochána to protect the peace – not policy enforcers of the state.

We respect and defend the rights of all consenting adults to their personal bodily autonomy and sexual preferences.

Legislation to require all businesses to accept cash at all times and banks to guarantee everyone access to a bank account, transaction privacy, and zero restrictions on all purchases.

To reduce the cost of motoring, dramatically cut taxes on petrol/diesel and better regulate pump prices, plus cut rip-off motor tax and VRT. Enforce lower insurance premiums. Reduce road toll costs and abolish the M50 and other motorway tolls. End anti-motorist agendas that are deliberately destroying the freedom of private transportation and remove ridiculous cycle lanes where necessary.

Maintain and practice our wise neutrality policy as set out by the founders of the Irish state. Thus, use this position to advocate for world peace.

Help genuine refugees within realistic resource parameters under set limits. Ireland is currently overloaded with too many refugees and asylum seekers, which is causing national destabilisation. We must reduce the number of refugees, limit the number of asylum-seeker applications per year, weed out fraudulent claimants, and put a moratorium on all new applicants. Discourage/deport economic migrants posing as asylum seekers attempting to game our system. Reduce over-generous supports and benefits to match that of the EU average. Permanently cease all support to any refugee who leaves the state to return to their country of origin. Enforce prosecutions of welfare fraud. Deport lawbreakers and criminals.

Reduce or abolish indirect taxes. Abolish the Universal Social Charge (USC). Abolish property tax on private dwellings. Abolish all inheritance tax.

We respect the right of all adults to choose how they wish to live their lives, provided they do not intrude on other people’s rights. We also acknowledge that adults living as transsexuals have specific needs that may or may not be resolved depending on certain conditions.

Abolish TV license. Fund all qualified media broadcasters and publications from state funding under new public oversight measures.

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